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Mid-State pours its heart out 
selling cases for causes

Houston, Texas June 15, 2010 -It may sound strange that cases of wine can help a woman get a kidney transplant or put instruments in underprivileged children's hands, but that’s exactly what is happening.  Mid-State wine and liquor distributor in Texas has partnered with vineyards that are bottling wine to help such causes.  Brands such as Barry Manilow out of Italy and Eyrie vineyards out of Oregon have created special labels to help worthy causes such as these.  Mid-State wine was at the forefront to sell and distribute as many cases as possible to make dreams a reality.

The wife of an employee of Eyrie vineyards needed a kidney transplant.  After the healthcare program failed her his employer took his reserve prized wine and mixed it with his 2008 vintage and created "La Luz" Spanish for “The Light” and retailed it for $35 per bottle which normally would sell for $65 per bottle, with most of the proceeds going for the transplant.  316 cases of wine later Guadalupe Hernandez got her much needed transplant.  "I was overwhelmed with the cause and offered by staff additional incentives to help sell “La Luz" said Leon Sierra, CEO of Mid-State.   “My staff was very eager to help it was not a hard sell.  The juice is as good as the cause.”   said Sierra.  

Another great charity Mid-state involved itself with is The Manilow Music Project formed in 2008 by music icon Barry Manilow.  The Manilow Music Project was formed in an effort to help meet the needs of massively depleted public school music programs. The Project has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of instruments and materials to school music programs across the country. Manilow created his own label of wine and all proceeds from his brand of wine go directly to The Manilow Fund for Health and Hope and The Manilow Music Project for use in the state in which the money was raised.  Mid-State has been the major distributor of the wine in Texas helping our school music programs stay alive.    “Music helps our kids stay focused, it brings joy to their lives and helps them stay in school.  I grew up with music and want our kids to have these same wonderful experiences”, said Sierra. 

Mid-State Wine and Liquor knows that giving back to the community is essential.  They strive to give more than what they take. Anytime they see an opportunity to help with a worthy cause they make it their priority.    An accomplishment worthy of cheering, Mid-State will continue to seek other opportunities to help great causes such as these.   “We can’t stop now there is a lot of work to do and I want to do as much as I can to help.”  said Sierra.  The wines can be found in Texas at Spec’s Liquor StoreRichards Liquors and Houston Wine Merchant.  For more information on Mid-State Wines and its products, please visit our web-site 

About Mid-State:

Mid-State wine and liquor has been in business for over 10 years owned and operate by Leon D. Sierra.

Leon left the world of engineering, twelve years ago, just after visiting one of the vineyards in Italy.  The trip left him with a great love and passion for the world of wine.  

Mid-State has offices in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and the Headquarters in Houston, Texas. Mid-State’s portfolio includes wines from around the world including, Argentina, Australia, USA, Chile, France, Italy, Turkey, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. 

Owner Leon Sierra has taken his love and passion for the business to a new level introducing his own private label to the market place “Sierra Estate Private Selection”. Currently featuring a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley, Oregon.  There are plans to expand his Private Selection to include other countries.  

Mid-State's objectives are to continue to carry and wholesale innovative, exciting and exclusive wines.  For more information on Mid-Sate Wine & Liquor visit



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